Sonic Meter Specifications

sidebar-7Bandwidth: 0-500kHz

Pressure reading: 0-130psi, error < 3.0%, over the working range.

Temperature Operating Range: -65 to 250 F or –55 to 120 C

Performance: Real time reading samples pressure every 50msec. Averaged reading can sample 0-40 readings at sample intervals of 10msec to 99.99sec.

Accuracy: The Sonic Meter SM1000 uses a 12bit ADC to digitize the analog signal coming from the probe’s transducer.  The accuracy of the meter is +0.03psi.

Probe: Stainless steel, hermetically sealed piezo sensing element

Housing: Anodized aluminum

I/O: Inputs via membrane keypad, output via 4X20 LCD character display

Control inputs: high/low limits, probe setup

Battery life (hours): The Sonic Meter SM1000 consumes current at a rate 150mA/hour.  The NiMH batteries are rated at 2500mAH. With continuous use, the run time is approximately 14 hours.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Meter for Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks