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We offer the most reliable instrument for testing and quantifying the output of ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Our stainless steel, hermetically sealed probe and meter is the most robust system on the market.  The meter’s precision machined, handheld housing with simple to use inputs and LCD display is the ideal user interface for both engineers and technicians.  Our continued product refinement has made Sonic Meter the industry standard for quantifying the output of ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

The probe is designed and built to withstand harsh solvents.  A common problem with cavitation-energy meters is cracking of the probe’s plastic housing and seals after exposure to harsh solvents, thus creating faulty measurements.  We do not use seals or plastic parts in the construction of our probe.  The probe housing is constructed entirely of stainless steel with a brazed ceramic connector, and is hermetically sealed through laser welding.  Our meter/probe and the user interface are built with superior standards for use in industrial applications where reliability is paramount.

Because of our solid reputation and commitment to our customers, Sonic Meter cavitation instruments are used throughout the world as indispensable tools for maintaining vital process control in high precision component manufacturing.  Our meters are CE and NIST certified.  All NIST traceable calibrations are controlled and maintained exclusively by Sonic Meter.

Sonic Meter

The Sonic Meter is designed specifically for quantifying the cleaning forces (scrub-force) output by the most commonly used ultrasonic cleaners with a wide bandwidth from a few thousand Hertz up to 500 kHz output.

Made and serviced in USA.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Meter for Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks