Sonic Meter has been the trusted industry leader in a high precision ultrasonic cavitation intensity meters for over 20 years.  Engineered for quantifying the cleaning intensity (scrub-force in Pascals) in harsh environments.

Sonic Meters work with the most commonly used ultrasonic cleaners/tanks from the lowest available tank frequencies up to 500 kHz.


We originally developed our meters as a standard tool for process verification of IBM’s ultrasonic cleaners.  Rigorous testing and development went into assuring the creation of a robust and portable instrument with a user friendly interface.   The ease of use assures the quick implementation by process control technicians and engineers.

We have perfected our meters using robust technology and novel manufacturing processes.  Sonic Meters are built with a hermetically sealed stainless-steel probe, robust electronics, proprietary algorithms, an anodized aluminum housing, sealed keypad, and a Gorilla Glass display overlay.

We continue to support meters with over 20 years of field service, a testament to our robust design and customer commitment.

Our meters have been purchased world-wide by large and small corporations, universities and research centers.  Please click Clientele to view our list of clients.

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