About the Sonic Meter

The Sonic Meter is a high precision ultrasonic cavitation meter.  Designed specifically for quantifying the cleaning forces (scrub-force) output by the most commonly used ultrasonic cleaners with frequencies in the range of a few thousand Hertz up to 500 kHz.


The Sonic Meter was originally developed for IBM as a standard tool for calibrating their high precision ultrasonic cleaners.  Rigorous testing and development went into assuring the creation of a reliable, robust and portable instrument with a simple user interface.  IBM has utilized over thirty Sonic Meters worldwide as key measurement tools for maintaining process control of their ultrasonic cleaners.

In use since its release 22 years ago, the Sonic Meter is on its third generation and has been perfected using straight forward, tried and tested technology.  The foundation continues to be built around a rugged hermetically sealed sensing probe coupled with simplicity of use, robust electronics and proprietary algorithms.

Our meters have been purchased in the US and abroad by a number of large name corporations as well as small and privately owned businesses.  Please click Clientele to view our list of clients.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Meter for Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks